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Solar Boat

Solar Boat

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SolarCat solar-electric, motorized pontoon boats are designed and constructed in the USA of high quality, long lasting materials.

Comfort and green energy are at the forefront of the personal catamaran’s design. Each SolarCat is equipped with high-efficiency solar panels that charge the boat’s batteries and power its electric motors. That means no gasoline, no oil and zero emissions.

The 2-person catamaran features a spacious, reclining chaise lounge with sunshade, providing relaxing seating for you and your plus one. (It’s like floating on the water in a giant lounge chair).

A storage compartment in the pontoon provides a dry, safe place to store your cell phone and personal items. A second compartment can be used as an ice chest for water, sodas, snacks or champagne (fancy!).

Driving the mini catamaran is incredibly easy and requires no experience. Simply push two switches located on the armrest to move forward, backward, left, right or in a smooth 360°.

When returning to the beach or shore side, drive the boat right onto the beach. Hop off and use the handles on the front of the pontoons to pull the boat ashore. The motors and propellers are recessed in the pontoons so there is no risk of damage.

The SolarCat is shipped unassembled in two boxes. Detailed assembly instructions complete with photos are provided. Assembly takes approximately 4 hours, and requires no advanced technical skill.

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