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Water Walking Dance Ball

Water Walking Dance Ball

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Name: Water Walking Dance Ball

Color: Transparent
Material: 0.8 MM PVC Size: dia.=2M
Weight: 16 KG
Zipper: Germnay
Package: one 0.8MM PVC walk ball, two repair kits, a nylon bag wrap the ball,high power blower

Why buy it from us: is made of ECO-Friedly PVC,it means the material is Eco-Friendly and Healthy.
2.Blower included,it is with 800W power,you can blower air inflation in minites,no waste time to waiting .
3.There is repair kit including,if any case there is damage with a hole,you just fixt it with the repair kit.
4.The ball is with Germany Tizip,TIZIP is the famous zipper in world,it is best for water ball zipper.

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